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I can remember years ago eating at a Pizza hut in Maui and finding some Discount Inter Island travel Hawaii coupons being given out at the counter with each purchase. The discount inter island Travel Hawaii coupons entitled the holder to a one way inter island flight for $25.00 plus taxes. There were 6 coupons in each booklet. This was a great deal, you could fly round trip from the Hawaiian island you were on to a neighboring island for $50.00 plus tax.

That was back when an airline called Aloha Airlines was around. They eventually went out of business. The best way to get discount Inter island travel in Hawaii nowadays is to combine your inter island air with a complete Hawaii Vacation package. This complete Hawaii vacation package would include round trip air from your home city, a hotel or resort and a rental car or transfer to and from the airport. Discount 
Hawaii island hopping packages are still available but you really have to look hard to find that deal.

Discount inter island travel Hawaii can be found several different ways. Most visitors to the Hawaiian islands island hop by airplane. Several years ago a company invested in several huge multi million dollar ferries that traveled to all of the main Hawaii islands. They came to market with a really large discount compared to flying from one island to another. The ferry had different classes of service too, depending on how much you wanted to spend. Hawaii multi island vacation packages are a lot of fun to experience.

You could even drive your rental car onto the ferry and return it when it was time to go back home from the island you went to. Discount inter island travel Hawaii has been around for years but is getting more difficult to find. The price of a barrel of oil continues to climb and until the price comes down it will remain difficult to find discount inter island travel in Hawaii.

Currently a shuttle ferry leaves Lahaina Harbor on the island of Maui 5 times daily going to the Island of Lanai. You can return from the island of Lanai with 5 departures daily.The current cost of the inter island ferry is $30.00 for adults and $20.00 for children.

Currently 6 of the islands of Hawaii are serviced by several commercial airlines that provide inter island flights. Hawaiian Airlines, Island Air, Mesa Airlines and Mokulele Airlines all provide service. Additionally United Airlines,Delta Airlines and American Airlines all code share with these smaller inter island airline companies. 

Hawaiian Airlines seems to be the most expensive airline to fly on but hey also have more planes available with the widest selection of flight times. Island hopping in Hawaii is making the most of your travel dollar. While you are already on the islands why not make the most of your travel dollars by seeing another island. Discount inter island travel Hawaii is one way to do that.

Hawaii inter island airline flights leave from early morning from all six of the Hawaiian islands.  This makes sure that you can enjoy your Hawaiian inter island excursion with the most convenience and flexibility.

Peak travel times vary but the best prices for discounted inter island travel in Hawaii are very early in the morning and late at night. Mondays and Friday's usually cost more because a lot of locals travel from one island to another on these days "commuting to work" Many Hawaii vacationers and honeymooners fly inter island around noon each day so avoid this time if possible.

We offer Hawaii vacation payment plans for most of the Hawaii Vacation and honeymoon packages we offer. Even on the Hawaii Inter island packages too. If you are looking for a discount inter island travel Hawaii package discounts are available.

We usually can find you a Hawaiian multi island Travel package that allows a down payment of $100.00 to $150.00 per person allowing to to make payments until about a month to 45 days before you travel when you will need to have the vacation package paid in full.

The best way to set up a Hawaii discounted inter island vacation payment plan is to plan you trip nine to ten months in advance. The discount vendors we use don't put the vacation packages together any farther out than 330 days from the date you are looking.Discount inter island travel Hawaii makes the most of your travel dollars. Put the down payment on your trip and pay weekly or monthly, it doesn't matter just so long as the vacation package is paid in full 30 to 45 days prior to your departure.Most of the time customers use their credit cards to make payments but occasionally they will send a personal check or money order. There aren't any fees or interest charged for doing this.

Visiting Hawaii is incomplete without visiting other Hawaiian islands while you are there. Aloha packages offers the best and most competative rates on Hawaii inter island airline flights from and to Oahu, Kauai, the Big Island and Maui. 

After 15 years and serving thousands of happy passengers, we know how best  to travel between all of the Hawaiian Islands and from the mainland too.  An additional value is that we have the best prices on rental cars,activities and hotels too. Let us give you a free quote on your next discounted inter island travel in Hawaii.

Discount inter island travel Hawaii helps you maximize your travel dollars.

Discount Inter Island Travel Hawaii