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Hawaii Island Hopping Packages

Hawaii Island hopping is an enjoyable way to see more than one Hawaii Island while you are on your vacation. Sometimes the most tiresome part of your vacation is flying to or from Hawaii from your hometown city. Two, three, four or even five islands are fun to visit if you have enough time available for your Island hopping trip.

Each of the Hawaii Islands offers a entirely different experience. They have very different climates and activities for you to enjoy.

If you are planning a Hawaii island hopping vacation usually you can save more if you buy your tickets 6 to 9 months in advance.  Even changing your departure or return dates by one or  2 days can sometimes save you hundreds of dollars. Buying the flights at the same time you buy your hotels and cars can keep the cost of your package within reason. We receive requests for staying only a day on each of Hawaiian Islands. You need to take in account that if you only want to stay one day that flying to the island, picking up and dropping off your car and driving to/checking into your hotel all eats away the amount of time you have on that island. This can work but for the best Hawaii Island hopping experience it is recommended that you stay a Minimum of 2 days and staying for 3 days or more allows you more time to rest between islands.

You will get a discount on your vacation if purchased in a package. Be sure and check out our page on Island Hopping in Hawaii for additional information. With in the last 2 years the number of couple's and families going on a 3 or 4 Island Hopping trip has dramatically increased.

Maui Hawaii - Road to Hana
Road to Hana - Maui Hawaii

We are seeing a booking trend for 3 (three) and 4 (four) Hawaii Island Hopping Vacation Packages. Additionally we are seeing couples traveling with other same age couples visiting 3 or 4 islands and sharing a two bedroom condo with a common living room and full kitchen. Oahu has a limited number of condominiums available where as Maui, Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii have a large number of 1,2 and even several 3 bedrooms condominiums available. Hawaii Island hopping is an adventure that will give you lasting memories to cherish for a lifetime.
Sharing the condo can save a substantial amount of money and lower the over all costs of your Hawaii Island Hopping Vacation Package leaving you more money to spend on activities. Additionally we have seen an increase in couples and families celebrating their 25th, 30th and 40th and 50th anniversaries by visiting three and four islands.

The cost of Hawaii Island hopping varies from a discounted low of $70 to $80 dollars to a high of $180 to $210 dollars per direction for airline tickets,depending on availability and advance purchase.
The cost of Hawaii Island hopping has seen a low of $25 dollars per flight direction back in the late 90's. Give us a call for a free quote for your trip. 
Discount inter island travel in Hawaii is getting harder to find but is still available if you know where to look.

Your Hawaii Island hopping vacation will vary in cost depending on your flight schedule, being flexible on your travel dates will help keep the cost down. In April of 2014 low cost inter island carrier "GO Airlines" ceased flying in Hawaii. They continue to fly in the continental 48 states. The loss of GO Airlines is a mixed blessing. They had a high rate of late departure/arrival times and frequent mechanical problems but helped keep the costs down.
Budget and discount Hawaii island hopping   packages can still be found but it helps if your dates are a little flexible.

Be sure and put your flights into a "Hawaii Island hopping vacation package" to get the best package prices.

Hawaiian Luau
Hawaiian Luau

Hawaiian Airlines is in the process of adding several turboprop planes to it's fleet of Hawaii island hopping planes. Hawaiian Airlines currently uses Boeing 717 jets which seat a maximum of 104 passengers. The new turboprop planes would seat a maximum of 69 passengers for it's Hawaii Island Hopping packages. Deciding which island to visit in Hawaii can be a lot of fun but also confusing at times.

Hawaiian said that the new turboprop planes use less fuel and would allow them to service some new routes to the lesser traveled areas of Hawaii for tourists wanting to island Hopp to multiple islands while in Hawaii .This is great news for Hawaii Island Hopping packages and the people who use them.

Hawaii Island Hopping Vacation Packages

 Hawaii Island hopping vacation packages add about $85.00 per person in airfare to your vacation which is very reasonable considering your airplane ticket to fly to Hawaii from your hometown costs between $450.00 and $950.00 per person. 

While you are in Hawaii hopping to another island makes sense. You won't need to come back next year to visit another island and pay for a full fare airfare. Many travelers seeking a Hawaii Island hopping vacation package ask for transfers from the airport to the hotel and back. This works but will cost more in the long run if you plan on getting out of the resort and taking in the beautiful scenery that all of the Hawaiian Islands have to offer.  Picking up a car at the airport on you Hawaii island hopping vacation allows you to get out and view the natural beauty that the islands have to offer.
 Island Hopping in Hawaii  is affordable and fun.

There is a ferry that goes from Maui to Lanai but none of the other islands are serviced by a ferry. Several years ago there was a "super ferry" that traveled all of the islands but it went out of business.

 Road to Hana  Pool at the Honua Kai Condo Maui
Hawaii Island Hopping to visit the Road to Hana Hawaii Island Hopping Honua Kai Condo Maui 

Discounted and budget prices are available for your Hawaii two island travel packages. If you are planning on visiting more that one of the Hawaiian Islands planning this out before hand can save you hundreds of dollars. Maui and Kauai are selected more often for visiting on your  travel packages. Hawaii Inter Island Travel is a lot of fun.

Picking the best island to stay in Hawaii takes time, making the right choice is important for your enjoyment on your vacation.

The cost of Island hopping varies depending on time of day,day of week,availability of seats on the plane and several other factors. The small additional cost allows you to experience the differences in the Hawaiian Islands at an affordable price. The climates vary depending on the Island you are visiting.

Be sure and get to the airport a least an hour before your departure time. Your vacation package trip is best done staying at  Maui, Kauai, Oahu or the Big Island for a minium of 3 or 4 nights.

If you only get a car and not a hotel you are hopping to then it is usually referred to as a fly drive.

Airplanes fly from one Hawaiian island to another Hawaiian Island starting at 6 am every morning,7 days a week and fly all day long with the last inter island flight usually around 8 pm in the evening.

Seats for most inter island Packages are not assigned. It is open seating which means that if you want to sit next to your loved one, children or other family members it is best to show up about one and a half hours before the flight is scheduled.

If you decide to try Hawaii Island Hopping Packages for your vacation remember that you will need to consider that checking out of your hotel, returning your car and then on the new island you will need to go to the car rental agency and pick up a new car and then you will need to check into your new hotel on the new Hawaii Island that you choose.

Changing islands will cost you about 4 hours of your precious vacation time but will be well worth it. Many local Hawaii residents commute from one island to another for work, leaving there home island in the morning and flying to another Hawaii Island for their work day then in the evening island hopping back to their home island.
So, if you are considering a vacation to Hawaii you may want to think about a Hawaii Island Hopping packages vacation.

 Westin Resort and Spa Maui  Hawaii Island Hopping - Kalalau Lookout, Kauai Hawaii  
 Westin Resort Maui Napali Coast Kauai   Pearl Harbor Oahu

If you are planning on trying a Hawaii Island Hopping Vacation Packages vacation below are the main Hawaii Islands visited during an island hopping vacation.

Oahu is home to the world famous Waikiki Beach and an unlimited amount of night time activities too. Oahu also is home to Pearl Harbor and the USS Missouri. Additionally, one can see an authentic world war II submarine docked on Ford Island at Pearl Harbor, named the USS Bowfin. Right next door to the USS Missouri is the Pacific Air Museum which takes several hours to stroll through. During the winter the north shore of Oahu comes to life with world class surfing. Even thought Oahu is the most populated island in Hawaii,in just 10 minutes from world famous Waikiki Beach you can be hiking in a rain forest that ends up at a 250 foot waterfall with a  pool of waterto bathe in at the foot of the waterfall. Be sure and visit Oaho on your next Hawaiian vacation.

Kauai, better known as the garden Island and the oldest island in Hawaii is usually visited because of the outdoor activities it offers. Snorkeling,hiking,surfing and kayaking can all be enjoyed on the island of Kauai. If you visit Kauai be sure and get a catamaran snorkeling adventure to the world famous and one of a kind Napali Coast. If you are the adventurous type then you will need to see the Napali coast on a 14 person hardframe inflatable raft. My wife and I did this  several years ago and it allowed us to get up close and personal with sea creatures.

Kauai is a great island to visit on your next vacation.The Poipu Beach area of Kauai is the driest side of Kauai island and has world famous beaches. Hanalei Town on the north shore of Kauai tends to be the wettest side of Kauai Island but also has several world class luxury resorts. The east side of the island is closest to the airport is what is called the Coconut Coast. Usually a bit windier than other parts of the island and swimming is not suggested due to under tow that is often experienced and can be very dangerous.

Maui has a mixture of nightlife and outdoor activites and is sure to please everyone. Many activities for everyone in the family,not to many people so you can have some quiet time. Maui Island has a significant number of restaurants and night clubs that are open later in the evening. Maui also has world famous snorkeling, many people visit the small volcanic crater called Molokini. In the small whaling village that is called Lahaina Town you can schedule surfing lessons or a guided kayak adventure. Maui is probably the most visited island for couples going on a Hawaii island hopping honeymoon or vacation.

The other Hawaii Island that is often visited is what is refered to as "The Big Island of Hawaii". As it's name suggests, it is the biggest of all the Hawaiian Islands. Also it is the youngest / newest Hawaiian Island and still growing as we speak,adding acres of lava almost daily. A lot of people visit the Big Island because it has the only active "walkup" volcano in the world.
Depending on the day you visit the Hawaii Big Island volcano you may be able to walk up to red hot lava flowing down a mountainside. The Big Island also is known for it's world famous exceptional coffee,called Kona Coffee and is grown at several thousand feet elevation on a mountainside above the town of Kona.

The Kohala Coast is the driest side of the Big Island and is populated with many world class hotels and resorts,all at the waters edge.
On the east side of the Big Island is a small quaint fishing village called Hilo. It's annual rainfall is around 120 inches, which is the wettest town in the whole of the United States.

It's easy to travel from one island to another on a 25-30-minute inter-island flight. A car rental is the best way if you want to explore any island - there is little public transportation on Kauai,Maui or the Big Island. Honolulu is the only island on your Hawaii Islands Hopping Packages Vacation that you can rely on public transportation, it is know for one of the best public bus systems in the world.

Hawaii Island hopping is especially good to do on your first vacation or honeymoon to the Hawaiian islands. You'll be able to taste the different flavors and decide which Hawaii island(s) to visit at length on your next trip.

"Hawaii Islands hopping" is a very exciting Hawaiian adventure! In fact, about one out of three travelers to Hawaii visits two or more islands during his vacation or honeymoon. The key is to plan your Hawaii vacation or honeymoon in advance, and try to spend a least 4 to 5 days per island if you don't want to feel rushed. Oahu is the only Hawaiian island where 2 or 3 days are enough if you just want to see Waikiki Beach and Honolulu.

We have special arrangements with our local travel vendors,partners and attractions, we are able to offer you the best prices on Hawaii island hopping tours which include airfare, ground transportation a knowledgeable local guide too.

A Hawaiian Islands Hopping package allows you to see more than one Hawaiian Islands on your vacation or honeymoon. Hawaii island hopping is very popular and allows you to visit the different Hawaiian Islands at a discount when you consider the fact that you won't have to return for a whole other trip to the Hawaii. While there is no cheap way to island Hopp in Hawaii you still can island Hopp at a discounted price.

Hawaii hopping packages are available to see all of the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii hopping packages are a great way to view all of Hawaii if your on a budget or looking for an affordable vacation package. Bargain Hawaii Island Hopping packages usually save you hundreds of dollars over inexpensive Hawaii Island hopping packages.


Hawaii hopper flights are an inexpensive way to see all of Hawaii if your on a budget or looking for cheap flights. Low cost Hawaii islands hopper flights are fun and rewarding for the honeymooner or vacationer.Hawaii hopper flights work well for the low cost and bargain hunter vacationer.

Hawaiian hopping packages are a popular way to visit more than one of the islands of Hawaii. Hawaiian hopping packages offer you an affordable way to see all of Hawaii.Affordable Hawaiian hopping packages are a bargain for the "cheap" traveler.

Be sure and give us a call to get a free trip quote. Hawaii hopping trips are the best way to stretch you vacation or honeymoon to Hawaii. Hawaii hopping trips can move you fron 1 of the Hawaiian islands to another. Most of the non stop flights for your vacation hopping trips begin on Oahu.

If you fly from either Maui, Kauai or Hawaii usually you will need to make a connecting flight to fly to another of the Hawaiian. For the best Hawaii hopping trip you will need to plan your vacation at least 3 months in advance.

Unfortunatly children will have to pay the same price as adults when flying on a vacation packages vacation. Many years ago the airlines had childrens prices but with deregulation those childrens fairs went by the wayside. When on a Hawaii hopping vacation usually you will have to pay a little extra for luggage than on a single Hawaiian package. The inter  flights also charge for luggage.