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Crab Cakes from Mama's Fish House on Maui

A Hawaii Multi Island Vacation allows all members of the family to enjoy the different activities that each of the islands has to offer.
Be sure and check out our page on
Hawaii Island Hopping Packages, it has some additional information on visiting more than one island on your next vacation to Hawaii. The cost of your Hawaii multi island vacation package will depend on how flexible your travel dates are and how many islands you plan on visiting.
Since it only takes about 45 minutes to fly from one  of the Hawaiian islands to another Hawaiian Island it is fairly simple.
Of coarse you will need to choose a new hotel for each island but it can be fun and looked at as an adventure. A Hawaii Multi Island Vacation Package can be split up to however many islands you want or however many days you would like on each of the Hawaiian Islands.

On one of the islands you visit you may want to eat out every night. On the next Hawaii island you may want to stay in a condo and cook most of the nights,saving a few dollars so you'll have more to spend on activities.
Island hopping in Hawaii is an adventure and each of the Hawaiian islands have very different cultures to experience.

Crab Cakes from Mama's Fish House Maui

2, 3 or 4 island Hawaii vacation packages allows you to experience the fun of visiting two islands or maybe even three or 4 islands on your vacation to Hawaii. If you are wanting to see two or three islands,maybe even four islands on your vacation then it is best to allow a minimum of three days or better yet 4 days for each island that you plan on staying at. Remember,
it usually only takes 30 minutes to fly from one Hawaii Island to another of the Hawaiian Islands.

Hawaii 2 island vacation packages are best experienced with a Minumin of 6 to 7 nights since it does take a half of a day to change islands. Many travelers go to Oahu-Waikiki and then fly over to either Maui or Kauai.

There is only one Waikiki Beach and Pearl Harbor in Hawaii and that is on the island of Oahu. Someone in your family may be interested in learning to surf, lessons can be arrangedon all of the Hawaiian Islands. 

A lot of times people go to Oahu for only 2 days to visit Pearl Harbor and then fly over to Kauai to sail on a catamaran on the Napali Coast for snorkeling or a
Sunset Dinner Cruise. If someone in your family wants to visit an active volcano then you will want to stay on the Big Island of Hawaii for park of your 2 or 3 island vacation packages vacation.Be sure and view our page on which island to visit in Hawaii, it will help you make a selection.

Hawaii two island vacation packages allows you to see how diverse the Hawaiian Islands can be. There are 4 main islands of Hawaii.

Maui,which has the best of both worlds. Lots of activities for everyone in the family, not to many people so you can have some quiet time. Maui Island has a number of restaurants and night clubs that are open later in the evening for the young at heart. Maui also has world class snorkeling, many people visit the small volcanic crater called Molokini. In the small whaling village called Lahaina you can schedule surfing lessons and a guided kayak adventure. Maui is definitely one of the islands you will want to see while on your Hawaii multi island vacation package.
Oahu has world famous Waikiki Beach with a number of night time activities too.
Oahu also has Pearl Harbor and the USS Missouri for history buffs. Additionally, one can see a real world war II submarine while at pearl Harbor, The USS Bowfin. Right next door to the USS Missouri is the Pacific Air Museum.
During the winter months the north shore of Oahu comes alive with world class surfing. Even thought Oahu is the most populated island in Hawaii 10 minutes from Waikiki Beach you can be hiking in a rain forest that ends up at a 300 foot waterfall with a small pool to bathe in.
Kauai, the garden Island and the oldest island in Hawaii usually is visited because it is the most outdoors island. Snorkeling,hiking,surfing and kayaking can all be found on
Kauai Island. If you do visit Kauai be sure and get a catamaran snorkeling adventure to the Napali Coast. If you are adventurous then try seeing the Napali coast on a 14 person inflatable raft.
My wife and I did this one several years ago and it allows you to get up close and personal with sea creatures. Poipu Beach is the driest side of the island with the best beaches. Hanalei on the north shore tends to be the wettest side on Kauai Island but also has several luxury resorts.
The east side of the island, closest to the airport is what is called the coconut coast. Usually a bit windier than other parts of the island and swimming is not suggested due to under tow that is often experienced.

The other often visited Hawaiian Island is what is referred to as The Big Island of Hawaii. As it's name suggests it is the largest of all the Hawaiian Islands. Also it is the youngest or newest Hawaiian Island and still growing as we speak. Many people visit the Big Island because it has the only active walk up volcano in the world. If you would like to see an
active volcano while on your multi island Hawaii vacation then you will surely want to visit the island known as Hawaii.
Depending on the day you visit the volcano you may be able to walk up to red hot lava flowing down a mountainside. The Big Island also is known for it's world class coffee,called Kona Coffee. The Kohala Coast is the driest side of the island and is populated with many world class hotels and resorts,all at waters edge.

On the east side of the
Big Island, is a quaint village called Hilo. It's annual rainfall is around 120 inches.

Hawaii Multi Island Vacation Packages

If you are thinking about taking a Hawaii multi island vacation usually the best way to approach it would be to decide which of the Hawaiian Islands you are planning to go to. Please feel free to give us a call and ask for our advise. A Hawaii Multi Island package offers you an adventure packed trip to the Islands of Hawaii.

You might decide you want to go to
Pearl Harbor on Oahu and visit the volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii, then fly over to Kauai to sail along the Napali Coast on a catamaran to see 3 islands on your Hawaii Vacation. Of coarse you probably don't want to miss seeing Maui with all it's beautiful beaches and the Road to Hana which is a photographers dream

On the island of Maui a new Residence Inn is being built in Wailea and a new Courtyard by Marriott was completed recently by the Kahului Airport to further increase you Hawaii Multi Island vacation experience. The Hyatt Residences recently opened on Ka'anapali Beach and the Hotel Wailea was opened to the public from it's past a a private club.
A Hawaii multi island vacation will be an adventure of a lifetime. Multi island Hawaii vacation Packages to Hawaii allows you to experience the joy of Hawaii's diverse island experiences. On the first Hawaii Island you visit you may want to stay in a deluxe resort or hotel, being pampered through out your stay. Discount inter island travel Hawaii is still available but you have to know where to look for it.The best island to stay in Hawaii is individualized, each person has different needs on their vacation.
On the second Hawaiian island you visit your might want to stay in a condominium,cooking all the meals for your family. If you are more of a "lay by the pool type of person" then you will want us to help you find a hotel or condo with a really fancy pool, maybe with a pool slide for the kids.

On your Hawaii multi island vacation package be sure and take the time before your trip to see what is available to do on the different islands. This will help you  maximize your time on your multi island Hawaii vacation. Maybe your spouse doesn't want to spend much time at the pool, they want to go on more adventure activities. Hawaii Inter Island Travel is exciting and fun.

Then what you will want to do is have us plan different islands that will meet both of your needs. Hawaii Multi Island Vacation Packages allows you the flexibility to experience the best of both worlds.
Multi Island Hawaii Vacation Packages can be enjoyed by all members of the family, if you have teenagers or maybe don't have any children at all. Multi Island Hawaii Vacation Packages allows everyone in the family to pick different activities on each of the islands that you visit.
Multi island Hawaii vacation packages are best experenced with a minimun of 3 to 4 days on each island. So if you are wanting to try more than one island when you are in Hawaii then it is best to take more than 5 days off from work. Another idea would be to have an inexpensive car or hotel room on one of the islands that you choose and a nicer hotel or resort on the next island with a jeep wrangler.

A recent trend in booking packages to Hawaii and visiting multi islands while there is to find friends that have like interests and stay in the same condo sharing the kitchen and living room area while having your own bedroom (2 bedroom condo). Many couples can afford a 3 or 4 Hawaii multi island vacation package doing this. They share the cost of the car and condominium.
It's always recommended when visiting Hawaii whether on a multi island vacation or even if you will be only visiting one island to if possible try and time your vacation to one or two of the many events and festivals that are put on by the local people of the island you are going to visit. All of the islands schedule events and festivals through out the year. Oahu,Maui, Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii have been doing this for years. A Hawaii Multi Island Vacation package allows you to be sure and set these adventures up in advance. We are going to the food and wine festival next week on the island of Oahu. I will report back on that event.

Update - We have returned from our Hawaii multi 2 Island Vacation. We visited Maui and Oahu for 3 nights each.

We stayed at the Westin Resort and spa on Maui, staying in an Ocean View room. I love multi island trips in Hawaii, it's always like a new vacation when you arrive on the next island. After Maui we flew to Oahu and stayed at The Sheraton Waikiki for 3 nights in an Oceanfront room. While on Oahu we went to the Hawaii Food and wine festival. The event was held in an area called Ko Olina. Between the
Four Seasons Resort and the Disney Aulani Resort.There were many booths serving food and wine, each offering special items from cooked fish dishes to deserts. Music was played by local artists through out the festivities and the event was capped of with a spectacular 10 minute fireworks show that was the best that I have ever seem. We were with a group of 13 on our Hawaii Multi Island Vacation adventure, all of us were from the west coast.

  It seems that the cost of airfare from the east coast and the south has been stabilizing making it even more affordable. Hawaii Multi Island Vacation Packages are difficult to find the best prices on your own so most people seek the help of a travel professional.
It can be confusing to try and find the best prices for your Hawaii Multi Island vacation, then on top of it schedule your air from your departure city, the inter island air, and on top of it you hotels and cars.

We off a free quote service for those considering a two, three or four island Hawaii Multi Island Vacation package.Just give us a call or click on the request a quote button below to find out what a Hawaii Multi Island Vacation package will cost you.